Test Systems

Argus sensorsystems GmbH stands for the development and fabrication of test systems designed for 100% inspection, for example, in the pharmaceuticle industry or of critical safety-related automotive components. In these instances traceability and flawless documentation in the production process are of the essential. This demand can only be fulfilled by industrial image processing systems.


Optimised processes already allow for defect minimisation through the identification at the earliest possible stage in the production processes. This results in the minimisation of down time and enables the handling of tremendous volumes, even at high handling speed.


The fact that argus sensor systems consistently meet demanding requirements relating to quality, reliability, safety and operating efficiency is well demonstrated by our long standing partnerships with well-known organisations across a diverse range of industries. Solutions from argus sensor systems distinguish themselves by way of the ease with which they are integrated and operated.

They stand for:


  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Operating efficiency

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